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2024- 5 Frame Nuc

2024- 5 Frame Nuc

We create nucs from our over-wintered stock for use in our own operation. We graft from Carniolan and Saskatraz Queens (open-mated primarily with Italian Hybrid/Carniolan/Saskatraz) with proven successful record of rearing colonies that survive our Northwest Indiana winters, are good honey producers with acceptable hygenic behaviors, and are gentle and calm on the comb. Nuc colonies include 3 frames of brood of all stages, 2 frames of resources, and a newly mated, well-laying queen. All will be treated with OAV for mites. Local pickup only.

All sales are final.

  • Nucs for pick up only - We do NOT ship Nucs.

    Nucs will be ready for pick up in Valparaiso, Indiana in mid/late May.

    Please select "Local delivery" option in cart when checking out.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Salt Creek Ridge Apiary strives to provide its customers with 100% satisfaction, ensuring that you will receive a strong Nuc with a healthy queen and bees. In addition, we will lend free consulting services periodically, for all clients providing tips on how to care for and grow your colonies, and how to produce honey. Extensive consulting services can be negotiated upon request. 

    Picking Up Your Bees:

    -You MUST pick up your nucs on your scheduled date ONLY. Salt Creek Ridge Apiary is not responsible for the condition of your bees if you do not arrive for your scheduled pick up date. 

    -Once you pick up/leave with your bees, you agree that the condition of the bees is acceptable. All sales are final once the bees leave the farm premises, no refunds are allowed. 


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